Industrial Adhesives

A denatured acrylate-based structural adhesive of the 2-component type,. This is a structural adhesive classified as a second-generation acrylic (SGA) adhesive. In its 30-odd year history of field use since it was put on sale, there has been constant pursuit for higher performance, and development for reliability.

  •    It is comprised of acrylic resins and acrylic olygomer (rubber), for strength       and tenacity.
  •    It is well balanced, offering excellent adhesive characteristics (shear, impact,       and peeling).
  •    It is extremely workable (normal temperature quick-hardening type, readiness for       rough two-component mixing ratios, adhesiveness on oily surfaces, etc.).
  •    It is available in: low-odor as well as heat-dissipation and flame-retardant types.
  •    Speakers,
  •    Golf clubs,
  •    Sheet metal adhesion, etc.