Kisco India is one of extended arms of KISCO group of companies in Japan. Kisco Ltd.was established in 1921. KISCO is well known as a distributor of leading chemical manufacturers in Japan. But its characteristics is, not only a distributor of major chemical companies but also holding characteristic sophisticated material manufacturers.

Our company group has independent subsidiaries for degeneration of epoxy resin, synthesis of organic components, cleaning agent for semiconductors, injection moulding of composite materials.

Recognizing the wave of globalization that is weeping the world. KISCO has set up its subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and Americas. It has established a comprehensive organizational structure to support technical development conducted at customers and suppliers. With the capabilities to undertake everything from materials development through product manufacturing at KISCO itself or at its group companies.Kisco contributes to the development of numerous products that enrich people’s live, playing our role as a specialist in advanced materials.


A Specialist In The Advanced Materials That Build The Future

It was in the year 2012 that the management of KISCO Group had the foresight to recognize importance of Indian Market and established its first office in Gurgaon. Today a revolution in materials is in progress in every industry, changing the way people live. As a specialist in the advanced materials essential to the development of cutting-edge products and technologies, KISCO India. goes beyond simply supplying basic materials fulfil our commitment to offer the complete range of goods and services required for their practical application.

We at KISCO India. take pride in our strengths in four areas that clearly distinguish us from other distributors. Our information capabilities enable us to swiftly and accurately grasp market trends as well as up-to-the-minute information worldwide relating to advanced materials. Our planning capabilities provide the know-how and technology necessary to explore applications of materials to turn them into new products, sometimes even using our development capabilities to manufacture them ourselves. Finally, our organizational capabilities support a stable supply of products ranging from materials and processed goods to equipment and machinery, through our global procurement, sales and service network.

KISCO India. integrates these capabilities as an advanced materials specialist. We are continuously searching for new applications and the next generation of materials.

Business Objectives:

    Trading business
  • Import and Sales of the following products:
    • Silicone Rubber Parts
    • Solder Products and Soldering Machines
    • Acrylate based structural Adhesive
    • Floil & Harnarl Lubricant
    • Epoxy Resin for LED potting from Finepolymer
    • Seiki Spear & Valve System from Seiki Corporation
    • Static Charge measuring Equipment
    • Potting and Encapsulating Material
    • Chemicals
    • Parts and Components
    • Conformal Coating
    • EpiFine
    • Engineering Polymer - Otalite
    • Injection Moulding Article
    • Hot Runner Systems
    • Parylene Coating Service (diX)
    • Silicone Thermally Conductive sheet
    • PP Compound
    • Lubricant such as Mechanical Grease, Contact Grease, Electrical Conducting, Grease, Impregnating oil, Torque Grease,